Data is knowledge,
Knowledge is key.

Data is the core of your busniness. Use your data to take the next step.


Raw 'n Unsalted is specialized in data. I believe data should be the centre piece of every business in order to move forward. My mission is to make businesses data-driven to enable growth and development. I make this happen by organizing and funneling data to provide the necessary insights and analysis. Your data is key for your business. Get in touch now to discuss what I can do for your business to become data-driven.

Data management and organization

Structure, organize and funnel your data to make your data available for valuable analysis and insights. Get to know what data you have and discover opportunities. Enable data-driven decision making for you business. 

Data analysis

Analyzing data to create valuable insights about your company. Data analysis is one of the techniques to support data-driven decision making at its best. 

Data visualization

Graphical representation of data. Transforming data into graphs to understand your data. 

Data science

Extract knowledge and insights from data. Providing you with meaningful information from your data. Modeling data and predict future events or outcomes by analyzing patterns. Interpreting data for decision-making purposes.

Skills set

Google Analytics
Data management
Project management

About me

I've founded Raw 'n Unsalted in July 2020. I am a data specialist, focusing on data management, analysis, visualization and consultancy. Besides that I'm also working on becoming a  data scientist.

This website is an informative platform and also my portfolio. Data is my passion and I help other businesses by enabling them to make data-driven decisions and bringing their business to the next level.

I’ve worked with all sorts of data in marketing, media and web consultancy for about three years. Competitor analysis, year strategies & in-depth analysis, collecting & building dashboards based on data from different sources is just a small sample.

I believe data is the most important key factor for every business nowadays because it helps businesses to provide insights and to make well-informed decisions.

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