Nowadays your data is the key for your business, because data is everywhere. Do you know what data you have and what you can do with it? Raw 'n Unsalted provides your business with data science, analysis and consultancy.

Whether you want to optimize your data collection or set up a structure to manage your data. Maybe you have a bunch of data that needs to be analyzed so you can decide what your next big move is going to be. Raw 'n Unsalted is providing you those services in order for you to focus on your business.

From long term data visualization and insights to a one off in-depth analysis, I am flexible to adjust to your questions and preferences. Data is the central factor and helping you with your data is what I do.

I can do this for you.

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About me

My name is Laura and I am a freelance data scientist, analyst and consultant. I’m 31 years old, living in the Lake District, enjoying the outdoor life in my free time. This website is an informative platform and my portfolio.
Data is my passion and I help other businesses by enabling them to make data-driven decisions and bringing their business to the next level.

I’ve worked with all sorts of data in marketing, media and web consultancy for about three years. Competitor analysis, year strategies & in-depth analysis, collecting & building dashboards based on data from different sources is just a small sample of what I’ve done.
I believe data is the most important key factor for every business nowadays because it helps businesses to provide insights and to make well-informed decisions.

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Skills set

Google Analytics
Data management
Project management

Data is knowledge,
Knowledge is key.

Data is the core of your busniness. Use your data to take the next step.