About me

Founding Raw ’n Unsalted is something that has been on my mind for years. With working experience in media, (online) marketing and data analytics I had a growing desire to focus on data even more and starting my own business. Moving to England in 2020 made me deciding doing it. Because if not now, then when? 

I taught myself how to build a website and so I build this website myself. That by itself pretty much describes me. I’m mostly self-taught. If I want to do something, I usually figure out myself how to do it, and improve from there. I set the bar high and I can honestly say I’m a high achiever. I’m always thriving to be better. To grow, to become better at something and that’s what got me here. 

Data is my passion. It has so much potential. Analyzing is what I enjoy. Unlocking knowledge for businesses in order to mode forward and to make (more) data-driven decisions is what I stand for. Because data is knowledge and knowledge is key.

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My analytical view and interest in data started young as a professional volleybal player. Analysis and strategies are a day-to-day appearance in this sport. Analyzing and gaining insights from opponents, predicting where someone will most likely place the ball during a volleyball rally and develop a strategy on that. My analysis skills started right there. During my volleyball career I got my bachelor’s degree as a sports and lifestyle advisor, and after my volleyball career I continued studying and became a Research Master of Science in Communication at the University of Amsterdam. The research master's provided me the opportunity to develop my skills in data, statistics, research and analysis even more.

I worked in media, marketing and advertising for about two years, where I brought my analytical skills into real life. I moved on to a data and web consultancy where I developed and structured data analysis and visualization processes and provided web consultancy for (online) marketing businesses. This is my next chapter. I finally made the decision to start up my own business where data is the centre piece.

I built this website myself and I continue to work on my website by updating layout, adding new articles and insights to it. I truly believe data is the key of everyones business. Nowadays businesses have enormous amount of data available, unfortunately often a lot of it continues to be unused. Businesses could hugely benefit from that. Data is where it starts. If you understand what's happening in your business, you'll be able to make a well-informed data driven decision. One that you can grow from, and let you take your next step.