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The past year has been an interesting year. I quit my job in the Netherlands and moved to England in October. I left the UK in January 2020 to the Philippines to go diving. And then Covid-19 took over. On a Friday morning in March my husband and I had three hours to book flights, pack stuff, and leave to make it to the airport in time. We left on Saturday afternoon to New Zealand since we were supposed to have a big family gathering in New Zealand. We had two weeks of traveling in New Zealand and spent 8 weeks in lockdown. The family gathering never happened but luckily my family took us in. A unique, amazing time that I will never forget. During this time, I began to think about my own business. Writing down ideas, doing research, designing and building a website and so on. We moved back to England and I continued working on my own business. I did some courses, indulged myself in real life data projects, designed my website and wrote content.

My husband and I moved to our own place and I spent August and September bringing my ideas into real life. This also included lots of ups and downs, but I guess that comes with the journey I decided to take, because this is what I want.

Data is what I love. Analyzing is what I enjoy. Helping businesses moving forward, making data-driven decisions is what I stand for. Because data is knowledge and knowledge is key.


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Laura | Data analist/scientist/consultant

Data scientist, analyst & consultancy, simply because I love data and I want to help businesses taking their next step driven by data.

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My background

Until I was 21 I was a professional (indoor) volleyball player in the Netherlands. A big part of playing volleybal on a professional level is analyzing. I spend hours analyzing and gaining insights from our opponents, a skill that I strongly benefit from nowadays. It's where my analysis and insights passion and skills started and grew. During my volleyball career I got my bachelor as a sports and lifestyle advisor, and after my volleyball career I got my bachelor's degree and Research Master of Science in Communication at the University of Amsterdam. The research master's provided me the opportunity to develop my skills in data, statistics, research and analysis.

I worked in media, marketing and advertising for about two years, where I brought my analytical skills into real life. I moved on to a data and web consultancy where I developed and structured data analysis and visualization processes and provided web consultancy for (online) marketing businesses. I decided to leave the Netherlands, and now finally made the decision to start up my own business with the knowledge that I gained.

I built this website myself and I am still working on it as there are still improvements to be made. Building this website myself was important for me to develop an even deeper understanding of the world wide web. Now it feels like everything has come together.

Data is everywhere and every business has an enormous amount of data available, often without even knowing it, or using it. Businesses could hugely benefit from that. Decision making based on your data, gives you so much power. And I truly believe that's where it starts. If you understand what's happening in your business and what's going on, you'll be able to make a well-informed data driven decision. One that you can grow from, and let you take your next step.