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It was because of the documentary Down to Earth that I started to listen to the podcast of Darin Olien. One podcast inspired me massively and that was the one with Joel Fuhrman. I simply could not not write after listening to this podcast. 

It’s shocking to hear them talking about US health condition at this moment and how that has grown over the years. The consequences of what’s going on at the moment are destructive.

The podcast itself is very informative and basically ticks all the boxes about what’s going on in the world. Scrolling through Joel Furhman’s website gives you plenty of information about a nutrient-rich lifestyle. They go quite far into detail about which specific product is good for you and which one is not so good, based on the nutrient scale. I’m not going that much into detail im my blogs since that’s not the aim for my blog, but I definitely support the over all message that they send out.

Eat more nutrient-rich food. 

It’s a message that should be common knowledge for everyone but unfortunately it’s not. And I think it’s necessary to do something about that. Apart from that, there is more that really REALLY matches my view on healthy lifestyle and living. ‘Knowledge is stronger than willpower’ totally suits me as well. As my statement is knowledge is key. It’s underestimated how important it is to have the actual knowledge. The ‘why’. Only then you’re so much more able to take the right decisions for yourself, your family. Having the knowledge gives you the power to leave the cravings, dieting and overeating, because now you know what you can do to avoid that from happening.

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs about sugar, I tried to explain as easy as possible what sugar is doing to the body, why and what the result of that is; all-day cravings. It’s not only sugar that is in high processed food. Also the fat-rich product are often high processed. High nutrient food or nutrient-rich food is (mostly) the opposite from the sugar-rich and fat-rich (low nutrient food). Logically it also achieves the opposite. By eating nutrient rich food, you’re not hungry all day, you’re not craving for food (sugar – rich, fat – rich food) all day, you don’t end up shaking or feeling dizzy because of a sugar low. Having a nutrient rich lifestyle results in not over eating simply because you’re full. Digesting takes longer, which means it’s likely you eat less calories in a day, which prevents you from gaining weight and developing potential diseases.

I’ve mentioned it before and I’m going to say it again. There’s one word that I’m struggling with. Diet. For me diet implies that you’re on a strict temporarily scheme where all sorts of (insane) restrictions are in place. I prefer to call it a lifestyle. Simply because it’s not temporary, it’s not full of all sorts of insane restrictions, it’s a lifestyle, where you’re in balance and where a snack every now and then is perfectly fine. It’s a way of living. Healthy living. 

Whole, nutrient-dense foods

The main point of what Joel Fuhrman is pointing out is one that I totally support. People should eat more high quality (nutrient) food. But if people don’t know, how are people supposed to know to eat that kind of food? 

Fresh non-processed food is about the most perfect way to start. Eat fresh fruit and veggies. Buy (& eat), whole grains, potatoes, raw ( & unsalted) seed & nuts. Add a variety of beans to your lifestyle. If this is the majority (80% +) of your daily intake, you’re definitely on the road tot a healthy lifestyle. 10-20%  of your daily intake can be used for other product (slightly more processed, dairy, animal products for example). Having 80% of your food like above as your daily intake, makes it less likely your going to be just as hungry as you were before starting this way of eating and living. It instantly protects you from overeating with all benefits that come with that.

When you talk about eating more fruit and veggies all day, or eating healthier, a response I heard regularly is:  I’m not going to live of lettuce for the rest of my life. Often it is a respons because of the lack of knowledge (again!). I can assure you, no need to live of lettuce for the rest of your life. There is plenty of options you can still choose from and eat. It’s just knowing what, and making a difference in your way of thinking of food and what is ‘healthy’ as well. Again, knowledge is key. If you don’t know, it’s hard to actually get started. 

My blog is about sharing knowledge and helping people to gain knowledge to make their own ‘better’ decisions about food. For me this podcast and both of their websites, (definitely worth a visit) are a true inspiration. My main thought was YES! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. It’s more or less also a confirmation that I’m not silly and that other, way more experienced people share the same opinion as I have.



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