Chasing excellence

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I started Raw ‘n Unsalted Lifestyle to share information with people about a healthy lifestyle. Because knowledge is key. As the words speak for itself, it’s a lifestyle, not a temporary solution for whatever you’re trying to achieve. It’s a long term commitment you set yourself to. It sounds hard, but it’s actually easier when you look at it in a way that you’re chasing excellence. Chasing excellence is chasing to be your best. You’re NOT trying to be perfect. I’ll explain the difference.


Perfectionism is a certain behaviour that drives people to be concerned with achieving unrealistics ideals or goals. Perfectionism is also seen as a thief of time, draining your energy. It often criticises you, and demands unachievable outcomes, because whatever you do is never good enough. It makes you try to live up to some illusion that doesn’t exist. Perfection is always out of reach and therefore it often leads to forms of adjustment problems such as depression and low self-esteem.

Perfectionism is focused on “doing the thing ‘right’”, how things appear, and if others think it’s done right.


The pursuit of excellence keeps you focused on what matters, fills you with energy. There is no damage to self-esteem, like that found in perfectionism. Perfectionism diminishes your productivity, your efficiency and effectiveness, and worse still, damages your peace of heart and mind. Whereas with excellence, productivity is built into the pursuit of excellence. Excellence is a superior performance, persistence, and the commitment to do something exceptionally well. It requires risk, effort, spontaneity, hard work, and extending yourself to reach your full potential.

Excellence is about “doing the right thing”. It is focused on the reason for a task, and the results for it to be a success.

Healthy lifestyle

So, back to a healthy lifestyle. After having explained the differences between perfection and chasing excellence, I’ll explain more about it related to a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is some way of living your life you can do for a longer (preferably indefinite) time. You find a balance in your sports/activities and your food intake. To give you a few examples. Is it realistic to NEVER eat cake again? Or NEVER eat chocolate again? Or ALWAYS skip dessert, because it’s not healthy? NO!! The answer is 100% NO!! Is it realistic to ALWAYS exercise 5 times a week? NO!! 

WHen you approach a healthy lifestyle as a perfectionist, it means that every time you eat cake, chocolate or biscuit, you’ve pretty much failed. You didn’t achieve perfectionism because of that one time you had cake on your birthday, or that one time you had a piece of chocolate with your cup of tea. Or that one week you didn’t feel so well so you only exercised 3 times instead of 5. 

People who chase excellence see this as doing the right thing. You really enjoyed that piece of chocolate with your tea and that slice of cake on your birthday. It will not let you gain 10 pounds overnight, it will not stop you from achieving your goals, the only thing it does is letting you enjoy the moment. You’re still chasing your excellence. 

Chasing excellence enables it to be your best. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying yourself. If it really makes you happy to enjoy that cake then why stop doing that? It’s all about moderation. And it’s very unrealistic to never ever eat chocolate or cake in your life again. Think about it. Perfectionism pretty much sets you up to fail a healthy lifestyle.

Once you’ve been able to transform this way of thinking, it’ll become something more natural to you. You’ll notice more positive energy, more productivity and a growing self-esteem. Because you’re just being your best and you’re striving excellence. Not only in your lifestyle, but in many other everyday life facets. 

Thriving excellence

You’re thriving your limits. You might feel pressure, but instead of holding back and stop, you run towards the pressure and go for it. Because again, you’re just being your best. You’re breathing excellence. 

Chasing excellence is not just about winning. It’s about the mental health capacity that is needed to win. And again, to transform that towards a healthy lifestyle, it’s the process to perform a healthy lifestyle. You enjoy that slice of cake, and you have that piece of chocolate with your cuppa. And after that, there is no need to throw your goals out of the window, simple because that is just part of your lifestyle. You continue with you being you, you being your best.

You can do it, I know you can.



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