Getting straight to the point

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Our society now-a-days is broken. We’re going the wrong way. We’re on our way to ruin ourselves. Maybe it’s quite a harsh statement, but that really is how I see it. Please don’t get offended. I’ll explain how, and why.

The broken society

In my opinion we’re going the wrong way in our society and social media is a big part of that. And why? Because it’s fake. I would say about 80% of the time. Not only people pretend on social media, but also advertisers pretend. I’m not saying everyone pretends, but unfortunately a big group is. Especially about health & lifestyle.

Losing 10kg in 10 days, detox in 5 days, become happy in 2 weeks if you do this, get the perfect beach body in 2 months if you do that. And somehow this way of advertisement works(?) and seems to be more and more normal these days. Apparently people spend money on this kind of bullshit. I truly believe that often it’s not doing wha’s expected and the main reason in my opinion is lack of knowledge. People just don’t know! And that’s what I want to change.

I want to focus on knowledge, spread knowledge and inform people about a (healthy) lifestyle. Knowledge about exercise, food, behavior and mood. I want to help people gain knowledge, help people to understand a little bit more about their body and the brains to help people make decisions on knowledge.

To be clear, I’m not saying I’m a doctor of a specialist but I do know that there is so much knowledge available and I gained so much knowledge in the past few years that I want to help people with that. And therefore, my most important message in this blog is:

Whatever you want to achieve, adjusting your lifestyle is one of the most important things to do.

You could maybe lose 10 kg in 10 days by drinking juices and avoiding carbs and sugars and everything else that’s involved with that, but as soon as you go back to your ‘normal’ intake what you did before those 10 days, you will gain weight again. 

Lifestyle change

To improve your health and/or overall lifestyle, it’s about about longterm lifestyle change and everything that’s involved with that. The 10 kg in 10 days is a ‘quick’ solution that doesn’t help you any further in life because you’re going back to your lifestyle before the 10 days diet, simply because you don’t know any better. 

It’s important to know why you ended up in a situation where you felt like you had to do a 10 day diet. What were you eating? Do you know how much were you eating? Drinking? Sports? Other factors? If you can find answers to that, you might start to understand more about yourself and your lifestyle and with that knowledge you can start looking for long-term changes in your lifestyle because now you understand why you ended up in that situation.

What I share on my blog is definitely not a one size fits all, because everyone is different. I’m not going to tell you, eat this and drink that and you’re going to be healthy in 2 weeks. I’m just providing a platform that helps you  increasing your knowledge about food and lifestyle so you become more aware of your own choices up until this point.

Important sidenote:

I’m not saying people need to lose weight to become healthy, I don’t say that my platform is THE solution but I do say that lack of knowledge is often the reason for certain behavior and I’m only providing a platform where this knowledge can be found.  

In my next blogs I will share more knowledge about different topics all health & lifestyle related. In my portfolio I share all sort of data facts, often related to my blog topics to provide people the insights based on data and research. 

There is so much I want to share, I’m about to burst. But I also know, that it will come, we’ll get there. I can’t wait to share all the information with you, so you can gain knowledge and get a little bit wiser, not for me, but for yourself.