“Healthy” Christmas?

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Something you probable heard a million times by now. Turkeys are sold out in most placed (at least where I live, and I haven’t got one yet), the minced pies are being sold on every corner of the street, nibbles and chocolate seem to appear everywhere you go. And in the mean time you try to life healthy, right? I think for a lot of people around this time of the year, healthy and Christmas are not really going well in one sentence. So, how could you approach this time of the year?

A healthy lifestyle & Christmas. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s all about having a balance. Are you going to be happy by saying no to every Santa chocolate or minced pie? Are you going to feel good by holding back on Christmas day by just having a bit of turkey and some salad? NO! It will probably affect your mood and that’s no good for everyone. I actually bumped into a quote that brought me up to the idea of writing this. This comment is just exactly everything that it’s about:

“It’s better to eat unhealthy between Christmas and New Year than between New Year and Christmas”. 

– Sara Sigmundsdóttir

It makes so much sense! Honestly, it’s about balance. You won’t gain 10 kilo’s of weight instantly by stuffing yourself on Christmas Day. That minced pie is not going to affect your goals or that Santa chocolate that you have with your coffee will not ruin your abs. Especially if you take it in stead of your ‘healthy’ snack on that day. And even on top of it, is not going to make a difference straight away.

There is something really important about this; don’t EVER skip meals, or starve yourself to compensate for your treat or Christmas diner. It’s unhealthy and it’s just not necessary, when you have your balance.

Knowing this, and realizing this is key. Finding a balance is key. Stuffing yourself with minced pies every day, eating Santa chocolates every day for the next 10 days and stuffing yourself with all sorts of Christmas food for the next 10 days LIKELY will affect your goals.

So, enjoy that minced pie, stuff yourself with a good Christmas Diner on Christmas Day and have that glass of festive bubbles, because this year has not been easy and during this festive season (and every other) it’s perfectly fine to threat yourself. Enjoy your Christmas Day as much as you can.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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