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January 9th, 09:01, I received a text that I tested positive for covid-19. It felt like the world stopped for a second. I did not feel sick, no temperature, no cough, no sore throat, no achy muscles, no trouble breathing, nothing. Most of what I felt was anxiety. Scared of how the next 5-6 days were going. Was I going to develop any symptoms? What If I’m gasping for air in 5 days time? Hospitals are full, ambulances are queueing up in some places. What if it gets so bad that I have to go to hospital but there is no space for me in hospital? Or there is no ventilator available if I need one? That’s by far what scared me the most last week. In the days that followed I did not develop any symptoms, but decided to listen to my body very carefully. I could ‘feel’ my lungs while breathing (not in a way that I struggled to breathe or that it was painful) and I could feel my body working hard to get something out of it’s system. I was mostly focused on myself for the week. Did 3 easy going light weighted crossfit sessions, which felt really good, ate as healthy as possible with plenty of fibre and veggies and fruit. And today I’m doing perfectly fine as I’m writing this. I just want to send out a message about it.

Statistics and everything

As you might know, I love data and statistics. Statistically speaking I should be able to survive Covid-19, based on my age. All nice and well, but there simply are people my age who die, or only just survive after a long time in hospital. Covid-19 is something unpredictable and there is only so much you can do. One of the things you can do to lower your chances on complications is live a healthy lifestyle and I can truly say that I truly believe that living that healthy lifestyle has helped me and my body through this nasty virus so well. And yes, I talk about a lifestyle, a long and sustainable way of living. A healthy lifestyle is strongly related with a good immune system, and I think I can say my immune system is working quite well, looking back at last week. Of course, there are plenty of other unknown factors that play a role in this covid-19 virus, because there are still healthy people that do die every day. There are no hard scientifically proven numbers and/or statistics about this, so I definitely will not guarantee anything when you turn your life around and decide to go for a healthy lifestyle, but I do know for sure that it’s not doing any harm. It might not only help you benefit in case you get covid-19, but it can also benefit you in plenty other health conditions.

In the next couple of weeks I will dive into a few more topics I mentioned discussed above. A healthy lifestyle related with a healthy immune system, health conditions & exercise.

Having survived Covid-19 I’m more motivated than ever to share my knowledge and help people. Because knowledge is key.

Do you want to know more? Contact me and I can set up a consultation to tell you more about how you can get started! Turn your one day into day one now.

Cheers, Laura

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