UK’s weight issue

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Covid-19 is huge. It’s worldwide. Everyone knows. All over the world people do research about the source, spread, vaccins, dangers and a whole lot more. From early stages it became clear that basically everyone can get it, but that there is a group of people more vulnerable, besides elderly. People with underlying health conditions tent to have more serious and severe symptoms compared to people without underlying health conditions. And I think there is more questions than answers at the moment.

Some numbers

Last month I was shocked, when there suddenly was an announcement of the prime minister to set restrictions on how junkfood is sold and advertised in the uk. 

According to the latest numbers of the NHS, 67% of men and 60% women are overweight or obese (2018 data). This includes 26% of men and 29% of women who are obese. That’s nuts! That’s insane! Of course this did not happen overnight, it’s been going on for years. But suddenly because of Covid-19, the prime minister felt like doing something about it. It’s like adjusting a high risk accident road after people died while there has been 50 accidents already. Apparently something needs to happen first before something will be done about it. And then, what’s the first thing you do? Ban advertisements before 9PM. It’s like ban drivers on a high risk accident road before 9PM.

I mean, I totally get it that something needs to be done, but this first step is just from the complete wrong angle. It literally is on the wrong side of the spectrum. It’s like mopping the floor while the tap is open, in stead of closing the tap. I’ll explain:

If people as not aware what exactly makes them overweight (or obese), a ban on advertising before 9PM is not really going to change much. They will still buy the chocolate, cookies, pizza, chips, Whoppers and BigMac’s.

Not a diet!

Second issue, strongly related to this topic is the prime minister announcing himself that he’s going on a diet and is losing weight. A diet!!! Losing weight! I truly do not understand why that is being announced everywhere. You might think that it sounds amazing, but as explained briefly in my first blog, that’s not what it’s about. It should be announced as a lifestyle change! Going on a diet sounds like ‘temporary’ which is going to be a temporary solution. What do you think will happen after a month when you’re going back to normal? Yes, exactly, you gain weight again and you’re back at step 1. 

Of all people, the prime minister should know and share that he’s decided to change his lifestyle and explain how he did that and what he’s doing to maintain. Now half of England is googling ‘diets’ and it’s going downhill even more. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great effort what the government puts in to change England and Englands weight issue, I just wish they would’ve gained a little more insights and knowledge before deciding to spread this message. Please step away from the word diet because that’s not what you want. You want a lifestyle change.

To follow up on this little blog, I share a few analysis in my portfolio on fat, sugars, calories in some fast food meals. Click here to check them out.