What about the name; Raw ‘n Unsalted?

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Before I designed and developed my website, I already knew Raw ‘n Unsalted was going to be the name for my website. But how did I come up with it, and what does it mean?

The name Raw ‘n Unsalted truly embraces everything I stand for, who I am and what I believe in. I”ll try to explain.


Me & raw

Raw, the word itself has multiple meanings / definitions that fits me, and my business. A small collection for definitions of raw that fits me as a person:

‘Not being polished’

‘Being in or nearly in the natural state’

‘Simple, powerful and real. What you see is what you get.’

Those definitions match my personality. It’s how I come across. If you ask me something, my answer will always be my real opinion. I will never just be polite. Don’t get me wrong. I am polite as a person, but 99% of the time my answer will not take being polite into consideration. I hope that makes sense.

Do people need to get used to it? Yes. But my experience with it is that after a while people actually find it easier to communicate that way because they know what they can expect. No need to worry about whether I actually want it or not. No reading in between the lines.

Data & raw

Apart from raw matching my personality, it also matches my passion. I love working with raw materials and everything that is related to that. If you relate this to my passion data, I love receiving raw data and developing that into insightful data and knowledge. Developing a bunch of unprocessed information into something useful. Information that helps people, businesses, companies moving forward.


The second part of the name: unsalted.

Me & unsalted

The word unsalted is part of a figurative saying in the Netherlands which is ‘unsalted opinion’. Which means ‘ventilating an opinion without holding back’. ‘It is what it is.’ And that’s basically me. If you ask for my opinion, I will give you my opinion, even if that is a different opinion that you have. Simply because I want to express my opinion. I also think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a disagreement. I also ventilate stuff quite easily. I share quite easily whether I’m happy with something or not, or if something is on my mind. Expressing it helps me to get past it. I can genuinely say that most of the time I express it, and than it’s done. I’m not the person that keeps coming back to it or keep referring back to it like: remember when you did this and I said that, well, actually, blablabla and so on. I’m not like that. 

Important to mention that it doesn’t mean I’m not all full of myself and not open to anyone’s opinion. I’m more than open for any other opinion, simply because I’m interested and I think it’s important to have different opinions in order to move forward, to grow. And if someone has a very good / strong opinion or point, I might change my opinion. Even if we disagree, that’s perfectly fine.

Data & unsalted

This, in my opinion, also is strongly related to data. Because from my perspective data also gives you an unsalted opinion. Yes, you can tweak it, but when you have 10 people sharing their opinion and 5 people agree (on whatever, that’s not the point right now), that’s 50% that agrees. Not much you can change about that. And I like that. Data gives you information and you can go from there. Unless someone makes a mistake (human error) you don’t need to worry or second guess about the answers that the data give you (for everyone who disagrees reading this, of course there are exceptions. You can tweak data, analyse in different ways to get some different results, look at data from a different perspective, but in the end, that’s human interpretation. A 1 will be a 1, and will not change into a 5 for no reason). 

Data is the number one source being used by companies to receive valuable information and to make well informed, well funded decisions. It’s one of the greatest sources that provide you information. It provides you with an unsalted opinion. Data itself doesn’t take anyone’s opinion into consideration, it is what it is, and that kinda is my cup of tea.

Apart from this extensive version of why this name, I also just think it sounds good, and that’s also important!



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